Eye Allergy Home Remedy Treatments

One of the most overlooked eye allergy home remedy treatments is rubbing the solution on the affected area. However, this treatment can make the allergy worse. You must always use a moisturizer to prevent irritation.

To avoid damaging your contact lenses, it is best to change them immediately after removal or wear them only for a short period of time after cleaning. Also, remove the contact lens from the eye before wiping off the solution. If you feel that itchy sensation, you should stop using the product. This is due to some protein-rich material that is secreted by the sebaceous glands which can cause infection in sensitive areas.

Avoid making sneezing or other allergic reactions to cosmetics. When touching the face, use gloves to avoid further irritation. Even then, you need to rinse the eyes after washing your hands.

The ointment may cause itching but it is still harmless if it causes an allergic reaction. However, if itchy and red eyes are not relieved after using the cream, consult a doctor. Do not rub the eye; you should always pull gently. Do not use too much cream, which may cause irritation.

You can use a humidifier, nasal irrigation, or steam to provide some relief. Before using a humidifier, wear your goggles or a face mask if you are allergic to dust or pollen. Use saline drops to reduce inflammation and swelling. When using the nasal irrigation, make sure that you do not inhale the water and do not wet the nasal passage. Place one drop into the nostril and wipe the other with a tissue to remove excess water.

Keep your face clean by wiping the area dry before applying the cream. Remove dirt, dust, and grime from the eyes using a wet towel to remove any impurities. The cream can cause irritation if you have sensitive skin.

To prevent redness, swelling, and itching, you can use an eye wash containing water, methyl salicylate, or liquid fish oil. There are also milder antihistamines available. Use an eye drop whenever there is a sign of inflammation.

To treat inflammation, you should not force the eyes open. Always use a mirror. The eyes should be kept dry at all times. You can also use moistened cotton balls to wipe the eye.

Purchase a stronger eye drop in the drug store. Do not use them every day. It is best to use them only as an occasional eye treatment.

Eye irritation can be cured using petroleum jelly. Apply the eye cream or ointment as directed. Do not try to squeeze out the jelly because it may cause dehydration. As with the others, do not use too much of eye drop, which can make the irritation worse.

When the condition is severe, you should always seek medical attention. Use ice on the eyelids if it is oozing. Lid occlusion is a sign of eye allergy, so avoid touching your eyes or holding your hand near your eyes.

As an alternative to prescription drugs, you can buy over the counter medication for eye allergy. Use topads or lip balms to soothe the eyes. You can even wear a face mask that contains petroleum jelly to reduce inflammation.