Eyelid Itching: Getting Help For Your Child

Are you a mom who suffers from any kind of contact lens-related condition that might have a link to eyelid itching? Or maybe your child is exhibiting this behavior and may have a genetic predisposition to it? You might be able to resolve this problem by changing the prescription or correcting the condition.

Eyelid itching is very common, particularly in the summer months when children spend most of their time outdoors. The condition can occur while the child is eating, washing his or her hands, dressing or playing. Young children especially need to be encouraged to use only clean, lint-free materials to play with. Exposure to common objects such as clothes, toys, mittens and even make-up can contribute to an itching disorder.

A sufferer of this problem can feel like there is no way to get rid of it, since the triggers will never leave him or her. Of course, it will be difficult for your child to understand the cause of the itching. It can be a little difficult, but by educating your child, you may be able to help them through this experience.

Eyelid itching can be caused by poor skin hygiene. Babies are frequently affected by this condition because their skin is still moist and is very easily irritated. Children who spend a lot of time playing outdoors should also be informed about how to keep their skin moist and smooth.

Contact lenses can also cause some degree of itchiness. Doctors can usually determine if a patient is allergic to eyelid lotions and/or products by looking at his or her skin.

It’s not just the lotions that cause it. Some medications can be irritating and cause it. This is why prescription medications are limited when it comes to using on your own. If you’re out shopping for over-the-counter products, make sure they contain all natural ingredients such as aloe vera, and minerals such as zinc oxide.

One of the reasons why eyelid itching is so frustrating is because the appearance of one’s eye circles can become very conspicuous. It’s hard to cover up and even harder to hide underneath a hat or other garments. However, just imagine how your baby or toddler will feel when everyone notices that she has bags under her eyes. This is why the best treatments for this condition are very popular, so you can help alleviate this embarrassing sight for your child.

One natural method is to use a glycerin cream or similar face mask in your child’s bath. One of the ingredients used to soothe the skin is vitamin E. When applied directly to the skin, this can provide relief from itchiness. You can also try applying some ice in your child’s eyes, which is also soothing.

Your child can also use an aloe vera gel applied to the eyelids. Since it is a natural source of vitamin E, it can help provide relief from irritation as well as reduce discomfort.

Do not use warm water to wash the eyes or apply rough cloths because this may cause irritation. Apply cool water with moisturizing creams that are specifically made for the eyes or an aloe vera gel to help prevent drying out the eyes.

An ear infection or a yeast infection are often associated with eye allergies. Use good quality moisturizers for babies and children, especially in the summer months. These types of conditions can be caused by a fungal infection that has spread throughout the body.

You should always ensure that your baby or toddler is kept dry while playing and eating outside, especially if there is an eye area that has become sore. If you find the eyelid itching is getting to the point where you need to take your child to the doctor, do not hesitate to use an OTC medication that contains Eyeliss or Valerian which can help ease the itching.