Properly Treating and Curing the Dry Skin around Your Eyes

Dry skin around eyes and eyelids is a very common thing that many people deal with, especially during the colder months of the year. During the winter months, the air is generally colder, with less moisture and this is what causes many people to experience dryer skin. However, some people naturally have dry skin so it is even worse for them during these times. You’ll know that your skin has become dry because you will start to experience flakiness in the affected areas.

However, it doesn’t only have to be during the winter months that people experience dry skin, because this can happen any time of the year. If you are someone that suffers from a condition like eczema, then the issue of dry skin is likely even worse for you. Those with eczema will likely have very dry skin around eyes. The reason that you would find the dry skin around the eye area is because the skin is much thinner in this area which means there is a lack of moisture.

Treating Dry skin around Your Eyes

While most people already know that during the Winter months, dry eyes can be the worst, it does not have to be winter for dryness to start presenting itself around your eyelids.

Dry skin around eyes  can happen at any time, when you least expect it, so if you are someone who is prone to experiencing dry eyes, then you should do everything that you know will work for soothing and curing your dry eyes. Taking action and doing what is necessary so that you don’t have to experience the discomfort from having dry eyes will help you to get on with your day so that  you don’t have to focus on feeling irritated from the symptoms that come along with having dry eyes.


The symptoms that you experience from having dry eyes aren’t very attractive, and you will know when they occur. People with dry eyes experience red skin around eyes, soreness, flakiness, itchiness, and swelling. These symptoms are all common for this condition.

Harsh Chemicals

It’s important to know what the issue is behind the dry eyes that you are experiencing. Sometimes it could be as simple as a face wash product that you are using, or a shampoo that you are using that is irritating your face. If nothing helps to ease your symptoms then you can try switching the products that you use to all natural products.

Dealing with the Dry Skin around Your Eyes

Remove What’s Irritating Them

The first thing that you will need to do in order to get your eyes back to normal again, is remove whatever is causing them to become irritated. It could be whatever face regime you are using in the morning when you wash your face, to perfume, or foundation sprayed on that is causing your dry and irritated eyes.

Keeping Your Face Clean

On the other hand if you are not properly cleaning your face then this can cause dryness around your eyes. Make sure that you are washing your face every day, and while you do so, pay closer attention to the area surrounding your eyes. Make sure that the water that you are using to clean your eyes is fresh and warm to remove any irritants (never use water that is too hot or too cold). Always keep in mind that anything with strong chemicals, like soaps and other facial products can cause your skin to dry out fairly quickly. Choose face washes that are gentle or that say “For Sensitive Skin” on the labeling. Also, when you are drying your face pat dry it inside of wiping or rubbing it as it can further irritate the skin.

Use Petroleum jelly for Under-Eye Skin Care

Properly lubricating your dry eyes can work wonders for healing and soothing the dry skin and irritation that you are experiencing. So after washing your face every morning, applying a petroleum jelly like Vaseline will help to keep moisture locked in and act as a protector you’re your skin. Using petroleum jelly on a regular basis will also speed up the healing process if you continue to apply it every day once in the morning and then again at night.