3 Tips to Help Improve Your Dry Itchy Eyelids

If you suffer from dry itchy eyelids and not only, then this article is for you. This article will discuss a few ways to deal with the problem. As a doctor, I do know a lot about dry itchy eyelids and other related skin issues.

Dry itchy eyelids are caused by a combination of factors. For one thing, they are affected by a lack of moisture. This is because your eyelashes and eyelid glands can’t absorbing enough water in order to function properly.

This leads to bacteria and other pathogens that have grown in these areas getting trapped and causing a serious infection. In fact, many times it is necessary to undergo surgery to remove the eyelashes and eyelid glands.

As a result, your skin underneath is dry and flaky. It is also hard to keep clean because of its dead, oily skin. It is more difficult to moisturize this part of your body.

The good news is that this can be easily treated. A few changes in lifestyle are all that is required to take care of your eyelashes. Here are some tips.

First, you need to keep your skin clean. You can use an eye wash every morning as well as before going to bed. This will kill any germs that may be living under your skin. You also need to protect your eyes from the sun.

Make sure that you use eye creams that are non-comedogenic. This means that they will not clog your pores.

Next, you need to make sure that you are drinking lots of water. The more water you drink, the more hydrated your skin will become. This can help prevent irritation and dryness.

And make sure that you do not overheat during the day in humid heat. This can irritate the skin and cause dryness. You may want to use dry eye drops for this.

Make sure that you moisturize daily. The skin on your eyelids is much thinner than the rest of your skin. It requires more care than other parts of your body.

If you use the products listed above, then you should be able to help improve the condition of your eyelashes. If your eyelashes do begin to thin and fall out, then you will want to treat this as soon as possible. This can be especially true if you don’t use an eyelash enhancing product.

All in all, there is no certain type of eyelash condition that causes dry itchy eyelids. However, the underlying issue is something that can easily be addressed with some simple lifestyle changes.