What to Do For Itchy Eyes – Is It Necessary?

So, you’ve got what seems to be an irremovable or recurring eye infection. I know because I had one like this myself.

Eye infections are no fun, and if they are persistent, they can become chronic. It’s not only the embarrassment that make them a pain, but the damage that they can do to the cornea, the transparent covering of the eye. All of us have had to put up with our own share of those.

The key to curing your eye infection is to find what works best for you. I’m going to share with you what I found works for me.

For eye discharge, I use an oatmeal bath twice a day. Not just the bath water, but a thick layer of oatmeal on the bathroom floor and in the sink. The oatmeal soaks into the skin and draws out the infection.

I used a little vinegar in the bath water as well, and added a little dish soap. This draws out the infection as well. This has been one of my best treatments and it takes the sting out of the dryness.

Most importantly, warm water when you need to get rid of the eye infection. Use unscented or neutral soap and don’t scrub too hard. The important thing is to get some of the moisture out of the infected area, and you can do that by a wet cloth.

Use a gentle exfoliant that will remove dead skin from the infected area. Now, when you wash your hands, clean them properly so you don’t cause irritation.

If you want to keep getting the fluid out of your eyes, I recommend you use an eye cream. There are natural ones that work very well for me, and I don’t have to deal with any irritations at all.

A lot of people have the eye infection for a long time before they find a solution. It is so frustrating.

It’s hard enough to deal with the itch, and when you don’t have any relief, it becomes worse. I finally found a cure that is so simple, I never take anything else for my eye.

I make my own eye cream, using natural ingredients and I don’t have to worry about any side effects. Why spend money on expensive prescription drugs when you can use a natural remedy?

As you can see, natural and homeopathic remedies are much better than creams or lotions that contain chemicals that can be very harmful to your good eye. You deserve to get some relief, and there is a solution right in front of you.