How to get rid of dry skin around mouth quickly?

dry skin around mouth

Dry skin around mouth can be the outcome of many issues such as dehydration, perioral dermatitis, irritation and allergies which may be caused by applying certain products. You can also get rid of this annoying skin texture with home remedies and that can certainly help you a lot. Moisturizing your skin with lotions or applying oils and gently massaging could often help to get rid of dry skin. Moisturizing is a good idea for avoiding potential irritants like steroid creams, fluoride toothpaste and inhalers. If your skin continues to be dry, then you can find a solution to be relieved by addressing the underlying cause of the problem. To address the problem of the dry skin you should certainly know about the cause of it. 

Causes of Dry skin around the mouth

A dermatologist could easily diagnose the reason behind the dry skin around mouth. If you are unsure about the cause of dry skin, it is better to have an appointment with a dermatologist and undergo the treatment that he/she suggests. The first step to getting relieved from this problem is to determine the underlying cause and it is a crucial aspect while deciding on a treatment. The skin around the mouth gets dry out for various reasons, like:

  • Psoriasis
  • overexposure to the sun
  • dehydration
  • rosacea
  • perioral dermatitis
  • eczema
  • cold or windy weather
  • excessive face washing
  • allergies or irritation and
  • other medical conditions

Facial skin is a very sensitive one and it naturally prone to lose its clearness and health so, if you see or feel any kind of difference in your skin, then it is better to take care of it immediately to avoid any bigger health issues in the near future. You should address breaking out around mouth as soon as possible since it may lead to bleeding and soon will cause you a lot of pain and irritation. You would feel difficult to consume food if this problem keeps on persisting. 

Home remedies for treating dry skin around the mouth

The best method to treat the dry skin around mouth and rash on lips thoroughly depends upon the individual’s habits and the reason behind the cause of this dry skin.

If this problem is a long-lasting or recurring issue, then you should immediately consider consulting a doctor for treatment. In the meanwhile, the below-given tips would certainly offer you help for temporary treatment. These remedies also have the potential to cure dry skin completely based on your skin condition.

First of all, clean the area regularly with gentle facial cleansers which helps you to prevent dry skin. Avoid soaps or cleansers containing drying chemicals, plastics, fragrances, artificial colours and alcohols. You can simply remove the dead skin cells by exfoliation which can eventually improve the skin’s health and texture on using it regularly. Many types of skin demand the help of a moisturizer, so moisturize your dry skin overnight, after washing face cleanly, or even after exfoliation. Applying moisturiser could help you to keep more moisture for longer period. You can use natural moisturisers such as pure aloe vera gel, sunflower seed oil, shea butter and coconut oil for better results without any side effects.